Since I connected with this group my life hasn’t been the same. I’m a Master Cosmetologist full time so you know what comes with that. MAJOR OVERHEAD!!! This group showed me how to leverage the travel industry to earn commissions which I utilized to help pay my overhead.  But then I was also able to leverage that income to start up my own hair line, which actually pays out more than me doing hair!!! Now, I even have my own salon. Thank you TMG for the personal development, the extra income to invest in another business, more free and fun time with my family to create memories, and the endless networking opportunities to keep a check in my bank account!!! You Rock!!!”

– Asya, Master Cosmetologist/Owner of Tresses by Asya Mignon – Atlanta, GA

“I have always dreamed of becoming my own boss but could not really see how I was going to make it happen, until The Maven Group connected me with an industry that I was able to start a side hustle, but I also have the covering of an industry leader and partner. The income has been life changing. I have been able to build a third income for our household. It feels nice to be able to go into your business account and pull out money to take care of a car repair, help a family member, or splurge for the kids. The peace of mind to know that you have a backup is very reassuring. We are no longer concerned about losing our jobs because we are building our business. Very soon, I plan to make this my primary income, so that I can be at home with my children. Thanks TMG for helping me believe in the possibilities again!”

– Shonda, Certified Pharmacy Technician – Loganville, GA

“What began as a business relationship has turned into the friendship of a lifetime and it all happened because of travel. Working with this group you know you are in good hands. I’ve learned so much and there’s always someone more than willing to assist me.”

– Sheila M. – Marietta, GA

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