Starting Your Career

You are just starting your career and are finding out that the possibilities are not quite as limitless as you thought. 

According to a report compiled by the Economist, millennials are the best-educated generation ever: about 61% of adult Millennials have attended college, whereas only 46% of Baby Boomers attended college.  Congratulations on a great accomplishment.

This not only means that the pool of college educated workers is large, it also means that there is a large pool of people with very large student loan debt.

The large pool of educated workers means that the opportunities for the higher paying jobs are slimmer. The large amount of student loan debt means that you must find additional ways to produce additional income in order to meet the living expenses.

This is one reason why studies are showing a trend of Millennials entering the Gig economy at record breaking rates. In a study performed by BMO Wealth, 50% of Millennials listed their reason for participating in the gig economy was to earn extra money on the side. 

Through our programs the Maven Experience is helping Millennials to move from just meeting the bills to developing a business that will position them for a better lifestyle.

We show you how to capitalize on the trends and growth of major industries and how to maximize these trends to grow your business.

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