Managing Your Career

You have been working in your profession for a while now. And you have been loyal to your employers, often providing institutional knowledge that is valuable, but you feel unrewarded. 

You’re not being paranoid, in a study performed by Harvard Business Review GenXers reported on average of 1.2 promotions over the past 5 years, where Millennials received an average of 1.6 promotions over the same time period and Baby Boomers averaged 1.4 promotions. It would seem, you are being overlooked.

You should be at the peak stage of your career. However, there are many factors working against you, one of which is that many Baby Boomers have decided to stay in the workforce longer (even into their 70s). This means they are not retiring and freeing up the opportunity for advancement.

Is there any wonder when asked why GenXers are entering the Gig economy 58% responded career and family needs? Many of you are at the stage in life where you are still raising a family while supporting aging parents.  You need the additional income, you need the opportunity for growth, but you also need flexibility and the opportunity to shine.

Our programs at the Maven Experience will help show you how to bridge the gap. You will be positioned to take advantage of some of the greatest mentoring programs from some of the top industry leaders (in a self- paced format that allows you to manage your current responsibilities while positioning you to continue your growth).

Your leadership skills will be maximized as we connect you with other thriving and growing industries.

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