Life After Career

So, you are coming to the end of your career. But you realize you still have a lot to offer. Baby Boomers are redefining retirement. Baby Boomers are staying in the workforce much longer than previous generations. In a study performed by the Harvard Business Review it stated that Baby Boomers are reportedly delaying retirement until age 70 or later. This is largely due to financial insecurity and rising healthcare cost.

When asked why they are opting into the Gig economy, 34% of Boomers answered to supplement retirement income.  The majority of Baby Boomers are working because you must.

However, many Boomers are starting second act careers. Many Boomers are healthy and vibrant and still feel there is a lot of life left in them.  The second act career allows you the opportunity to do something you love. It allows you to still offer something to the marketplace.

Our programs at the Maven Experience offer you exactly what you need to help you stay viable and to produce the additional income. We connect you with programs that will not only help you leverage your knowledge and skills but will also teach you how to leverage the time and talents of others in order to expand your reach.

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